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i-Energo a.s. – Energy Vision of the Future


Welcome to our company, which specializes in the supply of photovoltaic components, power plants, battery storage and technologies for the production and use of green hydrogen. 
We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who are passionately engaged in providing environmentally sustainable and innovative energy solutions.

Our Main Offer:


Solar systems:
Our photovoltaic solutions enable the efficient production of solar energy for a wide range of applications.


Electric vehicle (EV) chargers:
We offer top-of-the-line chargers for electric cars that support permanent mobility.


Green hydrogen (H2):
Together with our partners, we are leaders in the field of technologies for the production and use of green hydrogen, bringing a clean and sustainable energy alternative.


LED lighting:
Modern LED lighting that combines energy saving with consideration for the environment.


Battery systems:
Our battery storages enable efficient energy storage for maximum sustainability.

We are proud of our role in creating an energy future that combines environmental responsibility with innovation. Together we can achieve a more sustainable energy world.

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