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We are your guide on the way to the energy revolution! Our pioneering photovoltaic technologies, smart power plants, battery storage, energy-saving LED lighting and green hydrogen are key factors that transform energy without any compromises.
Join us as we build a cleaner and more sustainable energy future together.

We are proud to be changing the world of energy for you and for generations to come.


i-Energo a.s.

Energy Visionaries

We are a team of passionate energy professionals who believe we can change the future. Our pioneering photovoltaic technologies, smart power plants, battery storage, LED lighting and green hydrogen are our vision for clean energy without compromise.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have become a trusted leader in the industry and a partner for thousands of clients around the world. Our passion lies in moving the energy industry towards a more sustainable future.

We are ready to work with you to achieve your energy goals. Join us on our journey to a more energy efficient and sustainable future!


Our offer

High-end Energy on Míru!
We are a leading leader in energy innovation that perfectly suits your individual needs. 

We offer the latest solar systems, chargers for electric cars and first-class LED lighting. 

To all this, we add our advanced hydrogen utilization technologies, which not only save energy, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. 

With us, you will achieve a sustainable and energy-efficient future without any compromises.

Our implementation

Thanks to our projects,   we have significantly reduced carbon emissions, minimized dependence on fossil fuels and contributed to a greener future. 

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Podbabská 1112/13, 160 00 Prague 6

ID: 24119636

VAT number: CZ24119636


Obchodní 1, 318 00 Pilsen 3

+420 774 312 119

Operating hours Mon-Fri from 9-16

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