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Family houses

A solar system is an excellent choice for family homes. 
By installing PV plants on your house, you get a reliable and ecological source of electrical  energy for your home. 

A significant reduction in the costs spent on the purchase of electricity. 
You will contribute to environmental sustainability. 


Residential houses

The solar system is also excellent for apartment buildings. It can provide a reliable source of electricity for all residents and common areas. If your apartment building has stable electricity consumption during the day, then a photovoltaic power plant is a great solution for you. 


Industrial buildings and cities

The power plant is most suitable for manufacturing companies and cities, refrigerated warehouses, sports fields, shopping centers, but also ordinary administrative buildings.

If you have a company with a stable daily consumption of electricity, then a photovoltaic power plant is ideal for you.


Ground PV

A ground-based photovoltaic power plant offers efficient electricity generation, greater capacity, reduced installation costs, and easy maintenance. This placement can be combined with other technologies and promotes sustainability and environmental protection.

Guaranteed quality​

Our offer of solar systems combines top technologies from renowned manufacturers. We have a wide range, including first-class solar panels, innovative mounting systems, efficient inverters and reliable battery systems. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that your solar solution will be built on the best possible foundation. Invest in quality, reliability and sustainability with our range from proven solar technology manufacturers.



Uniquely innovative

solutions on the EU market

i-Energo a.s. is one of the first companies to supply PV modules with double glass and PU composite frame to the Czech market.

The double glass module is based on 144mm silicon wafers with PERC, multi-busbar, half-cell and high packing density technologies. It has better resistance and can reduce the likelihood of fire, increase moisture resistance, anti-corrosion properties against acids and alkaline solutions.

  • PU composite frame

  • Power range: 555-580W

  • Maximum efficiency:22.53%

  • Annual degradation:0.40%

  • 12-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty

  • Warranty insurance with Munich RE


Flexible solar panels: Unlimited freedom for your solar energy with a low weight of up to 4 kg per square meter!

Flexibility for your future: Our flexible solar panels represent a revolution in the use of solar energy. No matter the shape of your roof, facade or your project, with our panels you get unlimited freedom in using solar energy.

Endless possibilities:

  • Architecture without compromise: Flexible panels easily adapt to building shapes and design concepts, allowing architects and designers to achieve their visions without compromise.

  • Reduced costs: With the easy installation and long life of our flexible panels, you reduce energy costs and increase the value of your investment.

Reliability and performance:

  • Weather resistance: Our panels are designed for extreme conditions. They withstand rain, snow, wind and sunlight, ensuring reliable operation for many years.

  • Energy without compromise: With our flexible panels, you get maximum performance and efficiency, which means more solar energy for your needs.

Low weight for easy handling and installation:

  • Mobility: Light weight is ideal for mobile applications. Our panels are easily portable and allow you to use solar energy anywhere, anytime.

  • Suitability for buildings with low roof loads: Due to their low weight, our panels are ideal for buildings that cannot support heavy solar systems. They can also be installed on roofs with limited load-bearing capacity.


Foxess AIO solution

  • A high-performance, highly efficient All-In-One system with a storage capacity of 10.4 kWh and a continuous charging/discharging power of up to 10 kW.

  • New green savings (2021-2030) : SVT30937

  • Fox energy storage solutions are available with an advanced and intuitive app to remotely control and monitor functions.

  • High Voltage
    Contains high-voltage batteries with maximum efficiency as
    during charging and discharging.

  • Degree of protection IP65. Designed for maximum durability. Outdoor installation possible.

  • Remote monitoring
    Monitor your system remotely via smartphone app or web portal.

  • Easy increase in battery capacity - easy expansion

  • Asymmetric load supported with EPS option


SOLAX three-phase hybrid inventor X3 series

  • SolaX X3 Hybrid 5.0-10.0kW is a powerful hybrid inverter from the renowned company Solax Power, which offers a reliable and efficient solution for solar power with the possibility of battery energy storage. This innovative product is designed to give you maximum flexibility and control over the production and consumption of energy in your home or business.

  • The SolaX X3 Hybrid is equipped with the latest technologies that enable intelligent management of energy production and consumption. With its ability to produce energy from solar panels and store it in a battery, you can optimize the use of your own production and have access to additional energy when needed, allowing you to maximize energy savings while being independent from the power grid.

  • One of the advantages of the SolaX X3 Hybrid is its performance. Ranging from 5.0 kW to 10.0 kW, it is suitable for a wide range of solar systems, from smaller households to commercial enterprises. Its high performance and fast response ensure efficient energy management and ensure optimal operation of your solar system.

  • Another advantage of the SolaX X3 Hybrid is its simple installation and operation. With a modern design and an intuitive control system, installation is simple and fast. In addition, thanks to the possibility of remote monitoring and control via the app, you can have full control over your hybrid inverter from any place and at any time.

  • The SolaX X3 Hybrid is also compatible with the company's Solax Power Battery, ensuring optimal functionality and performance for your solar battery energy storage system.

  • The SolaX X3 Hybrid is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and innovative solar power hybrid inverter with battery energy storage capability.


Assembly kits to suit all occasions

The construction for PV panels supplied by us is the so-called Click System without the need to use commonly used tools as with conventional constructions.
The mounting profiles are part of the frame structure using the Click System and are designed to be easily attached to the roof or other surface. These profiles are used to fasten the panels, and the Click System connectors ensure an even distribution of the load on the roof or building structure.


Anti-loose, anti-corrosion, anti-thunder

Effortless, vibration-resistant, with minimal maintenance requirements


Top Software for Solar Energy

Our work is based on precise planning and design of solar photovoltaic systems. We use the powerful PVsol Premium software, which allows us to achieve the highest level of detail and efficiency.

PVsol Premium is an invaluable tool for professionals and companies in the solar industry. With this software we can plan, design and analyze solar PV projects with the highest accuracy and efficiency. 

Thanks to this, we are able to deliver optimal solutions for our clients and maximize the performance of their solar systems. Your energy needs are in good hands with our cutting-edge software.

  • Comprehensive Solar System Planning:
    PVsol Premium allows users to plan and design solar PV systems with a high level of detail. This comprehensive planning includes determining the optimal placement of the panels, designing the system parameters and analyzing the energy performance.

  • Shading Analysis:
    The software performs a detailed analysis of the shielding, which helps to determine exactly what obstacles can affect the performance of the PV system. This feature allows you to optimize the placement of panels and minimize losses caused by shielding.

  • Financial Rating:
    PVsol Premium allows users to perform financial analyzes of solar projects. You can calculate the return on investment, estimate future revenues and assess the economic attractiveness of the project.

  • 3D Visualization:
    With 3D visualization, you can create realistic visualizations of a solar system on rooftops or land. This is useful for presenting projects to clients and investors.

  • Battery Integration:
    The software enables modeling of battery behavior and performance, which is key to designing hybrid energy storage systems.

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