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Imagine that you can have fast and convenient charging of your electric car, which is reliable and hassle-free. This is exactly what our charging stations offer. With state-of-the-art technology, you can be sure that your electric car will always be ready for the next adventure.

But that is not all! By investing in our electric car charging stations, you will not only save money, but also help reduce emissions and protect our environment. Our stations are designed to be simple to use and quick to install, so you can enjoy your EV with minimal effort.

Join us and be part of the green revolution in mobility with our charging stations for electric cars. Your journey to a healthier planet starts right here!


Types of charging stations

  • Wallbox – Charging Comfort at Hand:
    Imagine being able to charge your electric vehicle in your own home, as easily as connecting your mobile phone to a charger. With our Wallbox charging station, this is not only possible, it's incredibly convenient. Your garage becomes a charging center where you can be in control of charging your vehicle. You will never again have to wait in line at public stations or worry about the availability of charging infrastructure. In short, Wallbox is a symbol of comfort and convenience in the electrical world.

  • Public AC Charging Station - Charging with Elegance:
    Our public AC charging stations are not just a place to recharge, they are elegant elements of the modern urban environment. With their clean and modern design, they become an integral part of the urban landscape. They offer a convenient way to recharge, even for those who want their trip to be not only ecological, but also stylish. Public AC charging stations are the right way to move electric mobility forward and upward at the same time.

  • DC Fast Charging Station - Fast Track to Freedom:
    With our DC fast charging stations, your electric car becomes a weapon to quickly conquer the roads. These stations allow you to charge your vehicle at a speed reminiscent of going back to the future. Your adventure has never been so attainable. DC fast charging stations are the key to unlimited freedom and action on the roads that you can only experience with an electric car.

Each of these types of charging stations has its own unique advantages and advantages, whether it is the convenience and control of a home Wallbox, the elegance of public AC stations or the speed of DC fast charging stations. Choose your travel partner and get ready for an electrifying adventure!

Our public charging stations: 

Reliable and sustainable charging of electric cars

Welcome to the future of electromobility, where charging electric cars is fast, reliable and environmentally friendly. 
Our public charging stations with an output of up to 22 kW are a key element of the electromobility infrastructure, ensuring that your vehicles are always ready to go. Why should you choose our charging stations?

Our advanced technology ensures that electric car charging is hassle-free and your vehicles will always have enough power.

Time Efficiency:
Fast charging means you don't have to wait for long hours. Your vehicle will get the energy it needs quickly and efficiently.

By using our charging stations, you contribute to protecting the environment and reducing emissions. We strive together for a cleaner future.

Modern technology:
Our charging stations are equipped with the latest technology to offer you the best service.

Ease of Use:
Controlling our stations is intuitive and simple so that everyone can use them.

Join us and be part of the green revolution in the automotive industry. Offer your customers and visitors the best charging services with our public charging stations. Your journey to reliable and sustainable electromobility starts right here.


Recharging never seemed so stylish!

Stylish Revolution in Electric Car Charging!
Enter the era of modern electric car charging. 
Contact us today to discover fast, reliable charging 
stations that support a sustainable future. 
Be a pioneer in the electric car revolution!

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